quarantour 2020 - 2021

We can't gather as we would like so we are gathering as we can. These resources are not exhaustive, we are sharing our learning and information in solidarity with Indigenous-led #LandBack initiatives. Please donate as you are able to knowledge keepers through links in the descriptions. We welcome corrections as well as suggestions. Look back over the winter for our Quarantour dates -- online and IRL tour stops being announced in January.

SAVE THE DATE: May 28th 2021 #LANDBACK Care-eoke

9pm eastern time - midnight. Check back in January for our headlining hosts and special guests.


On line Teaching Circles and Webinars

Featuring knowledge keepers from across the Globe speaking on #LandBackSolidarity and education.

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Conferences and Assemblies

A list of and links to relevant academic, community, and workplace learning events.

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Direct Action Call Outs and Camps

Calls for specific #LandBackSolidarity actions, trainings and funding requests.

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Community Events and Groups

A list of links to relevant meet ups, book clubs, solidarity groups and opportunities to connect. 

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teaching circles and webinars

a partial list of learnings Settlers can engage to update our understanding. Our resources are available freely online and we recommend folks consider making donations to the knowledge keepers linked to their names or organizations within the resource list.

Teaching Circle

Vandana Shiva, Sue Chiblow and Diane Kahontakwas Longboat speak to the colonial identity of the capitalist economy -- and the need for filling that void with Indigenous systems and "economies of care".

John Borrows, "How Indigenous Ethics are Relevant to the Practice of Law"

Prof. John Borrows, Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Law, University of Victoria Law School. Organized around the seven Anishinaabe grandmother and grandfather teachings of love, truth, bravery, humility, wisdom, honesty, and respect, the book at the centre of this lecture explores ethics in relation to Aboriginal issues including title, treaties, legal education, and residential schools. The book is available here.


Unsettling Canada 150 Webinar: Land Defenders from across Indigenous Land Canada Part 1 is hosted by Kanahus Manuel. Featuring Ellen Gabriel, Russ "Truth Bomb" Diabo, and Beatrice Hunter. A must-watch webinar for all involved in #LandBackSolidarity 


#1492LandBackLane Teach-In. October 8th, 2020. "This video is a recording of the LIVE teach-in hosted by Val Kuri and Stephanie Pangowish of the 1492 Windsor Law Coalition. The panelists were Dr. Bev Jacobs (Haudenosaunee) and Dr. Pam Palmater (Mi'kmaw) discussing the call for land back and the importance of supporting our native land defenders" -- from Pam Palmater's youtube channel. To support Pam's work, go to her patreon account.


conferences and assemblies

Several of these events may be connected to specific organizations and may not be accessible for all. Some conference do provide public access events. Donations to support Indigenous scholars and panelists to attend conferences can be made though links in the descriptions below where applicable. Pay the rent!

Academic Conference

CANSEE: Pathways for Inclusive and Sustainable Recoveries May 27-29, 2021 call for submissions and abstracts is open. The conference is sponsoring a parallel Indigenous Economics Assembly in cooperation with Indigenous Climate Action. Separate submissions for the Assembly will be posted in the new year.


Food Secure Canada: Cultivating Change 2020.  "Together, we looked at the intersections between food systems, anti-racism, decolonization, and environmental justice movements, learning from Indigenous, Black and racialized food leaders, building our collective consciousness and capacity for anti-racist and decolonized approaches to allyship within the food movement." Learn more about FSC and how to get involved.


DIrect Action call outs and Camps

November 23 - 29, 2020 #LandDefenders across Indigenous Lands Canada called on Settler populations to get creative, to step up and take action in support of #LandBack efforts across the land mass we call "canada". Our website has offered a self-guided Teach-In as one contribution. The following are a sampling of actions others have taken as part of #LandBackSolidarity #WeAreOne #LandBack #ShutDownCanada efforts:

Land Back Solidarity Ottawa

#LandBack Community Care Gathering
Nov 27 3:30PM
Ottawa City Hall on Algonquin Land

Response to the call from #Wetsuweten #1492LBL #MooseMoratorium #Mikmaw1752Frontlines
+ Care for #WeAreRelated BIPOC organizers & community facing violence #BLM

Project Land Back - Wiigwaasikaa

"We are establishing an autonomous space to heal through community along with traditional medicines and Land Based Teachings."

"Nyaweh Miigwetch Wela'lin Hiy-Hiy Kooksgem"

1492 Land Back Lane Legal Fund

A contribution to the legal fund for #1492landBackLane in support of Skylar Williams and 15 other peoples wrongfully criminalized on their own lands. For background on this story as a monument to justice denied, see Tanya Talaga's work.

Mik'maw Fisheries 

"Wela’lioq to all of our non-Indigenous brothers and sisters who see us and understand we are simply trying to fulfill our right to a moderate livelihood with our fishery – Our efforts in Saulnierville are only to define that for others – we know what a moderate livelihood is for our community and we hold environmental stewardship in our hearts always – we look forward to a time of equality, peace and friendship for all"  

Visit the website to make a donation to support Sipekne'katik fishermen/women & supporters.