Indigenous communities are in mourning. There is nothing to celebrate.

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"The right thing to do"

"Dear Canada, I think you should cancel your birthday party... the right thing to do is cancel Canada Day celebrations and join First Nations in a national day of mourning and collective reflection, in honour of Indigenous children who died. Cancel Canada Day." A call to respect mourning relatives, by Pam Palmater

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"Calls to Cancel Canada Day, or host Anti-Canada Day celebrations, is not new and isn’t just because of the recent findings of unmarked graves but rather a call to end the celebration of colonial rule and power in general."


Self-guided Teach-In

For many Canadians, the recovery of missing children over the past number of weeks is news. Coming to terms with the lies upon which Canada was constructed is challenging. Don't know where to begin? 

Call to action

#Reconciliation is a failure because it's based on the racist Doctrine of Discovery. This #CanadaDay read & share Bruce McIvor's explainer. Call on every level of government & any organization you belong to to repudiate the Doctrine of Discovery. 

land back.

Building a Peoples’ party to engage Settler-to-settler in treaty renewal processes that are #Indigenous led.

#LandBackParty Manifesto

Canadians must take responsibility to hold OUR governments accountable to stop the violence.

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#LandBackParty Backstory

Canada exists on stolen land. Unlearn settler colonial myths about the origins of our country

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Where's the party?

We intend to take this Party on the road, starting with our 2021 Fall Quarantour.




November 23 - 29 2020: Self Guided Teach-IN

Check out some resources we've shared regarding #LandBack education in response to the call to action issued for the week.

Land Back Party


For seven generations white Canada has largely sat idly by while #Genocide and #Ecocide continues so white Canadians can live with relative comfort yet zero accountability for the debts created for these comforts.
We reject #DoctrineofDiscovery and the Crown readings of Treaties at the expense of Indigenous readings. Launched November 1st, 2020 with this Declaration to Reject the Doctrine of Discovery, we will work together to End Colonial Occupations and Honour Treaties.
It is a long haul movement. All rests on Land Back. Settler Canada needs to come together to challenge colonizing policies and systems of oppression, and challenge the use of our tax dollars to perpetuate hate, violence, extractivism, racism, and colonization.
The LandBackParty operates to push the Land Back agenda in ALL socio-ecological movements. We will gather the Peoples’ voices to demand an end to Doctrine of Discovery and the human rights atrocities that have resulted due to its application.
#LandBackParty is uplifted by the Chilean peoples' rejection of #ChicagoBoys #neoliberalism in October 2020.
We received the following challenge in light of the state repression of #1492LandBackLane:
"This is the real challenge for white settler Canada. Do you choose to be silently complicit or do you confront your own governments, leaders, and organizations on a national scale demanding the violence of apartheid and genocide end?"
With this challenge in mind, we understand that in order to achieve a vision of renewed partnerships built on principles of justice, #Canada must rewrite our #Constitution which is currently built upon a foundation of white supremacist ideology in service to extractive capitalism.
This Peoples' Constitution process rejects the Doctrine of Discovery and depends on directly re-negotiating Treaties in accordance with the Legal traditions of each Nation. #LandBackParty will develop strategies to Uphold and Abide Indigenous Governances.




We are a growing group of Settler-Canadians stepping up to the call for Settlers to hold their governments accountable to reject the Doctrine of Discovery and the ongoing occupation of and dispossession of Indigenous Lands. We do not speak for any Indigenous Nations, Indigenous-led organizations, or for individual Indigenous peoples. We attribute our inspiration and our ongoing education to many incredible voices for Indigenous sovereignty and justice whom we hope to lift up, support, and promote through this website and elsewhere.
This effort to create a Land Back Party comes from our recognition that every major political party in Canada is steeped in colonization, with the exception of the Green Party of Canada whose resolution rejecting the Doctrine of Discovery was adopted in 2016 with four other resolutions addressing Indigenous Peoples' oppression. For far too long, Settler Canada has failed to challenge colonial policies.
Indigenous leadership has for years called on Canada to give #LandBack.  The Land Back Party seeks to amplify these Indigenous-led Land Back campaigns by holding our elected officials accountable for our obligations to First Nations peoples. Through this Settler-to-Settler campaign to educate and engage Canadians, the Land Back Party and its spokespeople do not assert expertise, authority, nor displacement of Indigenous knowledge keepers, nor do we speak "for" Indigenous peoples -- we are going to educate ourselves together.
The inspiration for this effort came from the #1492LandBackLane Call to Action in September of 2020. When asked to clarify, Thohahènte Wakeniáthen sent the following letter and we reprint it here with permission:

Call to Action to Settler Canada by Thohahènte Wakeniáthen:

"My call to settler folk, especially white settler folk is larger and goes beyond #1492LandBackLane or any other Indigenous action.

You may choose to do what you wish in support of the action at #1492.

My challenge is meant to shift the response to the Indigenous Genocide to two separate fronts.

Our people are always glad to have settler ally supporters as a buffer and behind us to support us. That approach hasn't and isn't working. Some Indians get arrested and a few white people get arrested, get conditional releases and the colonization rolls on with hardly missing a beat. Nothing will change and we will be rubbed out in a very short time by the collaboration of our own with Canada's racist government.

These are the end of days for our People. The paradigm must shift. IN 5 years there will hardly be any of us left who have not "signed" through Indian Act councils, Termination agreements that surrender our rights and ultimately our land. Yes, many bands are coerced through continuous abject poverty, But, surrender they will. We can say coerced surrenders don't count but try proving that when we don't have access to international courts.

A second front is needed in this struggle. A front that is white, and operating in concert with Indigenous resistance goals but not dependent on Indigenous People taking the lead. We are too few and as I say that old Indian/ally strategy is simply not working.

White settlers allies need to be committed to a better Canada. One free of racism and one free from the policies, legislation, and objectives of colonization.

It is true that silence in the face of the evidence that Canada is actively seeking the destruction of free and independent Indigenous Peoples, is being complicit with the processes of #Genocide.

This is the real challenge for white settler Canada. Do you choose to be silently complicit or do you confront your own governments, leaders, and organizations on a national scale demanding the violence of apartheid and genocide end?

Look at it this way. You settler folk can organize fund drives that raise billions for flood victims in Bangladesh, funding to save poisonous tree frogs in the Amazon, vaccination programs to wipe out smallpox in third world countries.

Why can't the same grassroots to corporate movement take place to stop the extermination of sovereign Indigenous People within Canada?

It's not glamorous like tossing an outhouse off a bridge or a water walk but it is the what needs to happen.

Canadians need to get organized and channel all the knowledge they hold and fully leverage the privilege they hold to face down their/YOUR leaders and corporations. Let them know you will not tolerate what they are doing. People like Russ Diabo have documented all the proof that it is happening for you. That part is done. Now is the time to take it. Organize around it. And put pressure on government.

I think those who say actions must be centric on
Indigenous actions are both right and wrong. When you walk with Indigenous People, and come into our space we must be centric. This is where they are right.

Where they are wrong is this is not the only avenue to create change. There is a legitimate and essential argument that settler not tolerate a government creating and executing policies of extinction on your behalf.

The governments of Canada are yours not ours. We have neither the necessary majority as in South Africa to end the apartheid and the genocide nor the energy to do our own battles plus your work to change your government policies and structure.

Using the excuse of democracy as a reason not to upset and confront your governments is complicity. How can a country be a democracy and be actively committing acts of #Genocide? It can't happen unless the citizens support a genocidal state.

This is what I mean by saying it is your fight."

Land Back Party


We are going to need all Canadians involved in this effort to address our colonial origins and move forward with integrity to create a workable future in these lands. 

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