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On the Ground Reports from Days of Action Nov 23 - 29 2020

twitter posts from actions in support of #LandBackSolidarity #WeAreOne #LandBack calls to action.

November 23 - 29 2020 Settler-Canada was asked by #LandDefenders to stand up and take action in solidarity with #LandBack efforts across these lands.

In what Settlers call "Quebec":

"No Consent, No Pipeline! As part of actions in support of #Indigenous #LandBack efforts across Canada, a group of mainly youth protesters affiliated with @XR_Quebec succeeded in blocking the CP Rail tracks in Montreal for 1 hour earlier today. #DefundTMX #ShutDownCanada #cdnpoli" on twitter

In what Settlers call "Ontario":

"Who watches the watchers? An #NDP team recently begun monitoring how First Nations #shutdowncanada actions are policed. Good work @TPSOperations being respectful & focused on keeping traffic flowing safely around Yonge & Dundas on Nov 26. #Solidarity #LandBack  #HonourTheTreaties" on twitter

November 26th: "Today, at 5pm, Yonge and Dundas: Indigenous and non-indigenous youth will be rallying in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en people defending their lands and waters. #ShutDownCanada Wear a mask, keep your distances and join us!" on twitter.

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